A showcase for large scale group interactives and cutting edge research

Hong Kong Space Museum

Everything that is known about the Universe under one iconic roof

HKD are delighted to have worked on the complete refurbishment of the galleries within this iconic building on the Hong Kong waterfront. Our design approach makes the complex ideas of space accessible through intelligent exhibit design, focusing on hands-on experience and experimentation. The visitor journey begins with something we can all understand – the sun – and continues through the fundamental science principles of space. The finale is an immersive projection sequence across the interior dome of the building architecture explaining the beginning of the Universe – the Big Bang.

We designed over 100 exhibits for this project, of which 75% are interactive encouraging visitors to build, surf and leap their way through space. Stopping to explore the collection on their way.

Featured exhibit:

Gravity Surfers

This unique exhibit centres around two surfboards, on which visitors can stand, which are located on an interactive floor projection of gravity “lines”.

The grid changes shape and flow to represent changes in gravitational effects in different parts of space. The object of the game is for the visitors to avoid being sucked into a black hole by changing their centre of balance on the ‘surfboard’. This is a learn by watching exhibit which often attracts large crowds to enjoy the perils of racing across space.

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