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Third Space, Udaipur

Inspiring Lifelong Learning in Udaipur, India

HKD is privileged to be working with Dharohar, a not-for-project charity based in Udaipur India. Working closely with the core local team, HKD has been particularly involved in the co-creation of the Frontiers Gallery. This gallery focuses on global issues which impact us as individual citizens. The four frontiers it explores are Digital, Space, Biotech and Sustainable Life. The gallery has forty interactive exhibits, designed to empower people to explore issues which impact our daily lives.

Over the past five years, we have seen the ideas which underpin this new enterprise get researched and tested. Opening its doors for the first time in July 2023, the stunning new building designed by Studio SAAR houses a library, climbing wall, theatre, maker spaces, a playable roof, several galleries and Labs.

This transformational project has grown gradually over time and will continue to do so over the months, years and decades to come.

Featured exhibit:

The Balancing Game

The Balancing Game is one of a suite of exhibits in the Sustainable Life Zone of the Frontiers Gallery. Against a backdrop of climate change data and exhibits exploring various uses of global resources, the Balancing Game is a collaborative group game where players need to work together as policymakers to try to reach net zero while there is still time.

The game provides a fun, social activity and is underpinned by accurate data which encourages further debate beyond the game itself. It engages audiences from around the world by introducing different regional challenges as part of the climate change discussion, and both recognises but seeks to overcome challenges to achieve CO2 reduction.

This game has been co-created by the Dharohar team, HKD and game designer John Sear (Museum Games). It was play tested at ECSITE, online and by teams in the UK and India, prior to its installation in the gallery.

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