Trip to Hirstmonceaux Observatory

June 29, 2018

Last month the team embarked upon a fantastic day of science-ing at the Observatory Science Centre in Hirstmonceux, East Sussex.

Opening in 1958 after the decision to move from Greenwich in 1939 was on hold for for the war, it was in operation until 1990 before being taken over by the brilliant Science Projects who have opened it up as a science centre.

Architect Brian O’Rorke’s 1950s building is now grade II listed and has some wonderful features, but seems surprisingly impractical for a, what needed to be, pitch- black night-time operation: multiple levels, no railings and a treacherous pond right in the middle of the site. Apparently numerous night observers (as they were called) ended up in there!

We saw the Thompson and Yapp telescopes, refracting and reflecting respectively. Did lots of playing and learning via brilliant interactive exhibits including how horses see, how the Archimedes screw works, tornados and spectrums… The centre is highly recommended.

Huge thank you to Steve Pizzey, Jo and Collin for looking after us. @observatory_sci .




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