Third Space, Udaipur Opens to the Public

September 16, 2023

The opening of this new cultural community centre was overwhelming. To witness the anticipation and excitement that filled the building as the first visitors were welcomed to the centre was a real privilege.

Over the years we have watched as the project has grown from a science centre into a vision which blends together active and passive, physical and intellectual, Arts and Science, traditional and unconventional into a unique destination. When fully open it will house a library, theatre, cinema and climbing wall as well as labs, maker spaces, galleries and a playable roof. These activities are bought together in a stunning architectural envelope designed by Studio SAAR which is informal and playful while drawing on the architectural traditions of the region.

We send our best wishes to the Dharohar Team as they embark on the next stage of the adventure. It will be great to see how it grows and thrives in the future. HKD is honoured to have been part of this pioneering project.



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