My first day: mutinous colleagues!

February 20, 2018

My introduction to working with Team HKD involved an initial transformation into a mutinous pirate aboard the Polaris. Along with my fellow pirates we were comfortably beat (on the time trial) by fellow team members who were concurrently excavating the tomb of Ramses III. This was a great way to meet new colleagues! Having worked up an appetite we then celebrated (or not) at nearby GB Pizza.

Our escapes proved an excellent introduction to the sorts of problem solving and imagination required for the following two days, with a team made up of colleagues beyond the Margate studio from Spain, Italy and even as far afield as Norfolk. Together we tackled three galleries for a new Science Centre in Quanzhou that took us from Science & Technology, Space and Oceans.  All in all, a fascinating first couple of days!

— Mia Pollak

Photo credit: The Escapement Margate




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