The F Word

April 2, 2017

Forgiveness is a complex subject. When an apparently unforgivable act has taken place, how can exhibition visitors be asked to stop, slow down and engage with such difficult and challenging content?

From acts of terror to personal assault The F Word: stories that transform is a new travelling exhibition developed by The Forgiveness Project. The exhibition has been two years in the making. This time has been spent evaluating the reception of previous work, understanding the existing and potential new audiences and exploring how the design and functionality can encourage a deeper engagement with the subject. As designers for the exhibition as well as working on the displays we developed an empathy game. This low tech interactive slows the journey through the exhibition creating a focal point for conversation and reflection.

The exhibition launched in March in the Oxo Tower, London.

We wish it every success and look forward to hearing more about the exhibition and the exciting programme which runs alongside it.




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