Climate Change Gallery

Making sense of Climate Change

We were appointed to create a new Climate Change Gallery for the Science Centre. Designed to inspire behaviour change, visitors first encounter the centrepiece of the gallery – the Climate Machine – a dynamic multi-player interactive which dominates the entrance.

The Climate Machine Challenge was for the visitors to hit their carbon targets, achieved by the decisions they make about recycling, transport, energy and water resources. This activity was designed to introduce all visitors to the carbon cycle.

Armed with this fundamental understanding, visitors can then engage with the surrounding exhibits which cover topics such as green-house gases, weather and alternative energy. Running throughout the gallery there is an imperative for personal decisions and a focus on the role individuals can play.

The gallery was designed in collaboration with the client team and multiple stakeholder agencies including the Meteorological Office. The gallery content has a strong regional focus looking at both the challenges that Singapore faces and some of the R&D and innovative approaches which are being developed; the takeaway from the exhibition is that the situation is serious, we all have a role to play, we can make a difference.

Project facts:
Client: Singapore Science Centre
Year: 2014
Country: Singapore
Size: 800 m²
Our services: Complete design service from concept to completion, including graphic design, script and commissioning specialist exhibits

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