Island Adventurer – Alfred Russel Wallace

The other Darwin

Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913) was a man of many talents – an explorer, collector, naturalist, geographer, anthropologist and political commentator. Most famously, he had the revolutionary idea of evolution by natural selection, entirely independently of Charles Darwin.

The Island Adventurer exhibition in the Singapore Science Centre is a promenade theatre display, charting the discoveries and adventures of Alfred Russel Wallace while demonstrating the value and methodology of scientific research. HKD designed the exhibition and developed the suite of interactive science exhibits in collaboration with the National University of Singapore’s Faculty of Science and the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research. This collaboration enriched the displays allowing this prolific writer and collector to be represented by original as well as replica objects and artefacts.

The Island Adventurer exhibition takes visitors on a journey. It has a strong narrative arc which brings to life the trials, tribulations and achievements of the man who gave his name to the Wallace Line.

Project facts:
Client: Singapore Science Centre
Year: 2013
Country: Singapore
Size: 500 m²
Our services: Complete design service from concept to completion, including multiple storytelling techniques, puzzles, graphic design, scenic work, script and commissioning specialist exhibits

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